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Understanding Your

PRCA Insurance



You have a $1000 deductible and $17,500 of coverage per accident. The insurance company is responsible for paying 80% of either contracted rate or reasonable and customary and you are responsible for the 20%.
No prior authorization is required for tests, surgery or office visits. This policy is ALWAYS secondary to any primary insurance you may have.

Explanation: You are responsible for the first $1000 and 20% of all charges up to $17,500.

Claim Form

  1. You must have a completed claim form. This can be obtained from where you were injured or by calling the PRCA. A judge’s signature is not mandatory, the insurance company will verify you paid your entry fee for the rodeo where you were injured.
  2. You must be able to show treatment for this injury within 90 days of the injury. This can be a doctor, hospital or the Justin team if you were treated at the event and they document it.
  3. All lines must be filled in and no N/A’s only yes or no.
  4. All places for your signature must be signed
  5. Make sure you put down the body part injured and explain briefly and to the point how this accident happened. CAN NOT JUST SAY (“riding bulls”, roping,etc.) that is not an accident, it is a choice. You must explain how you were hurt.
    Example: Spur got hung up, twisted my knee
  6. You only need one claim form per injury. Make copies for yourself, the doctors and or hospital. You need to mail a copy to the insurance company and do not expect anyone else to do that for you. Always keep a copy with you.

Your Bills

  1. If you have already been to the doctor/hospital and did not let them know about this coverage, then please send all of the itemized bills to HSR at the address shown on the claim form.
  2. The bills should include the name of the doctor/hospital, their complete mailing address, telephone number, the date you were seen by the doctor/hospital, what the doctor saw you for and the specific itemized charges incurred. “Balance Due” statements do not contain sufficient information to complete your claim.
  3. If you had a primary insurance and did not give the doctor or hospital your rodeo insurance information and are now receiving bills, please take a copy of your EOB (explanation of benefits) from your primary, insurance letting you know what was paid or denied, and the reason(s) why. Send this and your itemized bill into HSR at the address on the claim form. Always keep a copy for yourself.

Incomplete claim forms, not being treated within the time period and bills being sent in without the correct information are one of the most frequent reasons why claim payments are delayed or denied.

Catastrophic coverage is available up to $250,000. Please call HSR for more information (800) 328-1114.

Click here to download Understanding Your PRCA Insurance.

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